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Steve Rogers of Brikiverse-12650238 is combination of not just his Earth-616 counterpart from the Mainstream Marvel Universe (created by MARVEL Comics) but also from Earth-199999 (the MARVEL Cinematic Universe).

History Edit

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Steven Rogers was born in the year 1920.

By the time he was twenty World War II had broke out and so Steve registered to join U.S.. Army, but he was turned down because he was to weak and frail. There was only one way Steve could join and that was the classified project: REBIRTH.

Steve was given the Super Solider Serum which increased his strength, stamina and agility to their limits.

Captain America Edit

With his childhood friend Bucky Barnes, Steve started to fight the Nazi movement for the U.S.. under the ailas of Captain America.

Captain America and Bucky fought many foes including The Red Skull, Baron Henrich Zemo and Armin Zola. Eventually, Zemo managed to defeat Cap by launching a plane full of explosives at New York City.

Cap and Bucky jumped aboard the plane but Bucky pushed Steve off and sacrificed himself to save his friend. Cap fell into the arctic waters below and froze. After this Steve and Bucky were presumed dead.

21st Century Edit

After decades of being frozen in arctic waters, Cap was found by S.H.I.E.L.D. who revived him. Due to the Super Solider Serum and freezing in the artic waters Steve had not aged while being frozen. Obviously, the world had changed since the 1940s and America needed it's Super Solider back.

Steve faced new threats in the 21st Century such as Baron Hemlut Zemo (son of the original Baron Zemo Cap faced in the 1940s), Taskmaster, Crossbones, the Zodiac and HYDRA (a Nazi division created by Baron Von Strucker).

The Avengers Edit

Cap joined a team (known as the Avengers) of Iron Man, the Hulk, Wasp, Hank Pym ans Thor.

Variants Edit

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